What is on your wish list?

I'm here for YOU! The real trick to successful weight loss and weight management is LIFESTYLE change!  Once you've chipped away at those bad habits and give yourself the time to create new healthy habits,  this battle will become half of what it used to be!

Do you want to:

*Not feel like you've been hit by a truck at the end of every day

*Lose the weight that has been hanging onto you for years

*Learn how to eat and enjoy real food without feeling guilty or over doing it

*adjust your mindset to appreciate your worth and feel amazing

*Adopt healthy habits that fit into your family's  lifestyle

Then I have just the thing!  Lasting change does not happen overnight!  We can work on this together to achieve the results you're looking for.  


3 Month Coaching Package-

I'm going to help get you on your way to living a wholly healthy life!  You will get this "Real Food" thing down, I swear. You will find it easier and easier to eat healthy balanced meals that your whole family will love.  You will make time to move that body the way you know you can.  You will look and feel amazing, energetic, confident and dare I say sexy, because you will know the importance of taking time out for your needs so you can fill your cup before life sucks it dry again.

This is a 12 week personalized mentorship,  we will meet bi weekly (via zoom) for 60 minutes where together we will work through the important pieces of lasting lifestyle change including weekly support via email, resources and materials, your very own Wholly Healthy Deck for daily inspiration and all of the coaching, cheerleading and accountability you can handle. And then some. 


Have questions, or just want to see if this is a good fit?

Thank you for teaching me a better way to eat healthy. You made such a difference in my life.
— Bunny T.
Thank you so much for your guidance and leadership. I have become a much more careful label reader and am benefitting greatly from reducing added sugars. I’ve made great strides and am doing better all the time.
— Linda

Wholly Healthy Deck~Your daily wellness inspiration

Hi Amy, I wanted to let you know that my Amy is using your cards quite frequently. I was at her house the other day and she has them in her kitchen where she can see them. Several times she has mentioned how using one of them turned her day around. They truly are a blessing.
~Linda D.

The Wholly Healthy Deck is HERE!  Wellness deck contains 47 original photos with daily inspiration for a healthy balanced life. Pick a card each day at random for something new to focus on, like taking the stairs, taking time to relax, eating your veggies and so many more.  Each card is unique, beautifully colored and so visually appealing you won't have any trouble remembering your tip for the day.  Buy one for yourself and one to send along with well wishes for a happy, healthy New Year.

$15.00/ea + tax   (for orders of two or more contact me for shipping options)

And because I so enjoy diffusing oils and using them in homemade household and beauty products, I decided to become a distributer.  If you'd like to order through my link, that would be great!  (If you don't wish to become a member, choose the retail option!).  

For any questions on any of these products or programs, send me a message on the Contact Me page.