The Get Real Family Project

For a Wholly Healthy Life

Healthy living does not have be restrictive and painful and daunting.  There are many ways to approach weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle but there's only one that is sure to stick.  That is the one that is realistic, doable and includes the whole household!  It just doesn't make sense to NOT have them all on board, after all, healthy is for EVERYONE!

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Topic 1- EAT

Baby steps is where it's at when it comes to reforming to eating habits of you and your family.  Nothing will backfire quicker than trying to do a complete overhaul all at once (I'm sure that's coming as no surprise at this stage of the game!).  Learning what actions you can take that will have the most impact and ways to implement them that the whole family can benefit from is the key to getting real about your eating habits!  That's exactly what we're going to do!


Topic 2- MOVE

Maybe you hate to exercise, maybe you just don't have time.  Physical activity is important to a wholly healthy life, there's no way around it.  The key is to find activities that you like, and that you can make the time to do.  There is no perfect exercise plan across the board, but the the best one for you, is the one you will actually do, regularly!  The action steps in this topic will have you trying all kinds of activities, at your level, until you find what works for you!

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Topic 3- BREATHE

Taking a timeout is not selfish.  It's totally necessary.  Learn simple things you can do to regroup, refresh, and recharge!  You don't have to have a full hour everyday, even a 15 minute break can be beneficial.  It's important to give our mental health a little attention to keep us on top of our game.  I know your mission is to be the most effective in all that you do for your family and friends, so don't forget, you cannot poor from an empty cup.  Let's fill'er up!

Want to give it a whirl before you dive in?  Have a whack at it here with this free trial!

What our get REAL Moms have to say...


Family approved...

"My family and I have been having a lot of fun incorporating the Eat, Move and Breathe topics into our weeks. It has been really easy to do so. Having the whole family involved is making it much more fun and doable.

This program is about adjusting your lifestyle to include healthier habits for the whole family so it doesn't feel like you are deprived of anything or like being on a diet. The program has some really great ideas to make healthier choices easy. The recipes are great!  My son said a lot of times we didn't even know we were eating healthier things because they were just so good!"

~Heather B.


Everybody wins...

"My family and I are currently doing this amazing  program and we all have more energy and are spending time together more frequently as a family. We're even losing weight! Amy is so personable and easy to talk to. She has wonderful, delicious meal ideas and is available for questions. I would highly recommend this incredible family program!"

~Melissa F.