Get Real Family Project 


Here is a little taste of the Get Real Family Project for a Wholly Healthy Life!  The full course contains 16 videos, 11 text documents and 69 PDF's to provide you with all the necessary actions to build a working foundation to create a healthy lifestyle that fits with your family's busy schedule (It also includes access to a private Facebook group and monthly coaching calls!). Each week you choose 1 action for each topic to work on as a family.  I selected these for you to work on this week with your crew!  Give it a good effort and have fun!

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Topic: Eat  Action: limit added sugar

I know, you're thinking, well this is no surprise!  Here's the deal, sugar is everywhere and it's sugar that quite frankly, is what is making us fat and sick. Just keeping it real here.  This is an important topic for you AND the kids so make sure you tackle this one together!  Watch the video, print the worksheets and get to work!  You won't be sorry!

Just a few other resources for you!  Check out this article on juice vs soda. Here's a quick slideshow on sugar cravings and one more article to check out about how sugar affects your weight

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Topic: Move   Action: Plank Contest

There are days (maybe too many) when you can get caught up in your work, driving kids here and there, taking care of things around the house and never get in 1 single bit of exercise (being busy around the house is great, but we need to get the heart rate up and challenge our muscles a little too!).  Now is the time to start changing that. 


Topic: Breathe   Action: gratitude journal

Gratitude is so underrated!  Sometimes, the smallest of actions can make us feel so much better.  Download the worksheet and see how gratitude can play a role in keeping you sane amongst the madness!  

The paid version is hosted on a different site, check out the full Get Real Family Project and see what you think!

I will be in touch to see how it's going , now is the perfect time to get everyone on track and moving in the right direction!  Good luck!

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