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Real Moms Meet Up- Me Time for Mom


Being the busy mom that you are, you WAY too often put your own health and wellness needs on the back burner in order to focus on everyone else. The problem is, the more you do this, the less you have to give. Making time for yourself and your health and wellness needs, whether that be time to prepare healthier meals, time to get some exercise or time to unwind, relax, regroup and recharge it's ALL critical to living a wholly healthy life!

At this workshop you will:

• Learn HOW and WHY Me Time is critical to meeting your weight loss and wellness goals

• Figure out which areas you need the most focus on

• Find time in that crazy schedule just for you

• Learn how to relay this important need to your loved ones without feeling selfish or neglectful

Registration fee: $25.00
Everyone leaves with a good understanding of the importance of me time AND a plan to squeeze it in (bring your calendars!) also, I'm giving a free Wholly Healthy Deck to all that attend!