Ready to change for Good?  3 Non-negotiables to get it done.

Ready to change for Good? 3 Non-negotiables to get it done.

I decided to change things up here a bit.  After 12 weeks of reporting what I'm up to, it's time to get back to focusing on you!   I don't want to see anymore of those social media posts about suffering through diets and struggling to change.  It's time to get serious about how to get those lasting results if you're really wanting to get healthy or really wanting to lose some weight or whatever is currently tripping you up.  How many times have you been through it before?  Diets, shakes, detoxes, 21 day this, 30 day that, counting points, eliminating food groups, eliminating meals, only eating cabbage soup never eating carbs, the list goes on and on and on. Today I'm giving 3 rules, that I believe are non-negotiable if you're going to create healthy habits that LAST.  

#1 Effort

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This one always makes me feel like I'm being mean but let's call it tough love instead, K?  Here's the thing, losing weight is hard.  Adopting healthy habits?  Wicked hard.  Giving up a lifetime of doing things a certain way? FORGET ABOUT IT!  If you are unwilling to put the effort in then you just cannot expect to get the results that you are hoping for.  It's really that simple.  A simple concept but sometimes a little complicated to turn around, I know.  So start with this: If you're going to go through the trouble of changing into workout clothes or driving to the gym or cuing up the video or making your way to the class.....WORK YOUR ASS OFF.  Harsh, I know. But how many times have you gotten yourself to take that leap and start getting to the gym or getting on your treadmill or getting out on the streets to walk and then easily get frustrated when you don't see results?  You need to push it a little.  Strolling around the mall, the halls at work or the neighborhood is not going to give you great results.  Hanging on to the rails on the stair stepper at the gym, not going to do it.  Walking on the treadmill and never increasing that speed once in a while to the point where you are just flat out giving it your all, probably not getting you where you want to be.  Lifting three pound weights, don't get me started.

So think about where it is you want to be and put that kind of effort in.  And for Pete's sake, be honest with yourself about it.  I will absolutely admit that I have been totally guilty of dragging myself to a class when I just was not feeling it and going through the motions just to get through it.  One way to look at that is "Hey at least I went" but more often than not I would end up thinking "Well that was kind of stupid of me, I should have either made this worth my while and worked hard or stayed home and done something else a little more productive".

Don't judge your effort solely on the fact that you got changed or showed up and please don't judge your effort based on how much you sweat because, well, that's just not a great indicator of effort.  It just isn't.  When you're planning your meals and sticking to them, prepping your lunches and snacks so you don't get off track, when you say no to the office donuts and you do your workout to the point that you feel challenged and that you could not have done it any better, harder, faster heavier, etc.  then you're giving it your best effort.  And you should be proud.

#2 Consistency


This is not a news flash, especially if you've been yo-yo dieting for years. If you don't remain consistent with your eating and exercise habits, you cannot expect your weight to remain consistent either.  Just remember, when we consistently blow off exercise and eat whatever the heck we want whenever the heck we want then we will consistently gain wait and not feel great.  But turn that around and boom- you got this.  So how to stay consistent is key here, right?  When you're trying to change your ways it's so hard to stay on it.  That is exactly why you need to choose sustainable methods.  If you're forcing yourself to eat things you hate, or skip meals and your hangry, or you're trying to make yourself run and you hate running or you're drinking these lame shakes and feeding the family the food you've always eaten.....not going to stick. 

You CAN find good food that you WILL learn to love.

You CAN feed yourself and your family the SAME meals.

You CAN find an activity that you actually ENJOY.

You CAN make these changes permanent when you are taking small, doable steps, doing it in a way that doesn't feel like pain and suffering or cruel and unusual punishment and being consistent with your efforts.  You're not dieting, you're creating a healthy lifestyle.

#3 Mindset

Progress is impossible without change,& those who cannot changetheir minds,Cannot change anything..png

This is where I lose some of you but I would like you to consider that maybe this is the piece you've been missing all along.  You know you shouldn't be eating all that junk.  You know you should be making better choices and you know you should be exercising.  But the part you haven't thought about is your mindset.  When you first think about what exactly it is you're trying to achieve (like REALLY think about it.  Envision it regularly, feel the feels, get really in touch with what it looks and feels like) and WHY you even want that to begin with then making those choices and doing what is good for you comes easier.  When you remind yourself daily not just about the what and the why, but also that you care about what you put in your body, you care about how you'll go forward as you age, how worth the effort you are and how you do in fact love yourself, things will go a little smoother.  Just keep this in mind:

If you don't love yourself, it won't stick.

If you don't believe you can change, you can't.

If you don't really know why you're doing it, it won't last.

Do me a favor and stop skipping meals and calling yourself fat.  Put the effort in, be consistent and change your mindset.  It will take time.  It won't always be easy or fun but it will eventually change your life and you will be so glad you did it.  If you need some support around this, have questions or need any kind of tips to get you there, I'm here!  Send me an email :)


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