Another Trip Around the Sun

Another Trip Around the Sun

Anyone else get a little weirded out on their birthday besides me?  It's hard not to be reflective and take a look back.  Holy cow, it's been another year!  How did things go over the past year?  What has changed, or sometimes more importantly, what hasn't?  Did I move forward or am I stuck in a rut?  Maybe a little bit of both! 

I've definitely grown.  I've tried new things, met new people, stepped out of my comfort zone, practiced gratitude, discovered new ways to manage stress, worked with some amazing coaches and had some great fun.

Here's a few of my favorite parts of the past year

Iphone upload August 2017 664.JPG

Tom Petty

Best concert ever....

Iphone upload August 2017 671.JPG
AugustSept 2017 004.JPG


We got to visit our Oregon family and visit the homestead one last time (bittersweet but grateful for the memories).

Solar Eclipse: Jackson Hole, WY

I was determined to be in the path of the total solar eclipse on August 21st and not only did we pull it off without a hitch, we arrived in my favorite place on the planet to watch it with about 40 minutes to spare.  It truly was an incredible experience we will never forget.  This adventure is my reminder that you can make big things happen if you want it bad enough!

Yellowstone N.P.

Ever since we've had a president that cares more about making money than the amazing natural resources our country has to offer, it has been high on my list to make sure my kids get to experience as much of it as possible before God forbid they sell it all off or something.  I was lucky enough to spend two whole summer's in Yellowstone back in the day and visits there a couple of other times too.  I would love to go back with the the kids when we have more time to spend getting into the back country but this was amazing none the less.

And so much more...

I have so much more to add but I'm going to be 100% honest with you here.  I can't get the 3,000 pictures on my phone to upload to the computer so I'm just working with what's already on here.  I never claimed to be a technology coach, right?

Here's the thing, sometimes we just need to sit back and realize all of the amazing things that happened over the past year (or week, or day).  Be grateful for the good and learn from the not so good.  I've got some big goals for the year ahead and I'm already taking action.  I can't wait to do this again next year but you know what, I'm going to keep being mindful and appreciate all the good stuff in the moment because that amazing trip last summer feels like ages ago right now, and I'm not ok with that!

Cheers to my next trip around the sun, wish me luck!

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Ready to change for Good?  3 Non-negotiables to get it done.

Ready to change for Good? 3 Non-negotiables to get it done.