What does YOUR best life look like?

What does YOUR best life look like?

My book club has moved on to our next book, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero.  This book, like the last book and a whole host of other things I have read, talks a lot about having a vision of what you want be, do or have in your life as a first step in making it your reality.  This can be tricky.  It seems easy enough, but to figure out what you really want and have a really clear vision of what that looks like takes some serious thought and feeling.   This has been my experience anyway.  I mean, the nice vacations part is easy to imagine, but the day to day life stuff is where I've been hung up for a while.  It's easy to think, oh I would love to ditch this crappy job or I wish I didn't have to be running all over God's green earth everyday trying to get a million things done that often have nothing to do with me.  But what do you put in it's place.  What is the job that would be exciting and fun to go to everyday?  What would you do with the time that you weren't running all over town?  I made a new vision board  a few months back, before I hosted a workshop on vision boarding and it just never really resonated with me.  I just wasn't feeling it because I hadn't quite honed in on my vision yet.  I think I'm finally there and it feels pretty great!  Have you thought about what your best life looks like?  How you live, what you do, how you feel and look and work or do for fun?  Give it a shot, see what you come up with.  Knowing exactly what you want is the first step in making it happen.  That's true for your health, career, family, all of it.


This week was not super exciting in the food department but it was pretty healthy and as usual, nice and easy.  These are the top two requirements for getting through the week as far as I'm concerned!  If you can have meals that are tasty, easy and good for you most days of the week, you're winning!

Monday- Salmon/Brown Rice/Steamed Asparagus-  Are you getting bored with my weekly fish dinners?  I'm not!  I guess that's the important part.  This was just loaded up with garlic, herbs and lemon Yum-Meeeee!

Tuesday- Pasta Primavera- Pre-track meet pasta night!  It was Hayden's request and it was delish.  Plenty of veggies, a very light cream sauce and a little parmesan cheese.  So, so good.

Wednesday- Frittata Night (again)- I don't know that I would make this every single week but it sure is easy, healthy and delicious so when you're eating late because of sports, you kind of can't beat it.  And my favorite thing about this dinner is that one slice and a side salad is enough to satisfy me.  It's light but filling, perfecto.  This week I made it with a little bacon (a little goes a long way!), a little cheddar, fresh herbs and plenty of spinach.  I meant to add tomatoes but totally forgot until it was already in the oven.  Oops.

Thursday- Chicken Shawarma / Lemony Cucumber Couscous Salad / Grilled Zucchini- Geez, finally some recipes for you to try out!  The chicken was very good, just keep in mind that it needs to marinate for at least an hour (up to 24 hrs).  We actually had planned on this one earlier in the week but I forgot about the whole marinating thing.  The couscous salad was good, I used whole wheat to try and healthy it up a touch.  I'm really trying to eat a little less pasta (and white rice) so by making it whole wheat made me feel a little (itty bit) better.

Friday- Dinner Out- Ancient Grains Bowl (can't remember the full name and it seems the menu they have online is an older version)-  Well I was pleasantly surprised with how good this was.  It was healthy, filling, very tasty and also a light option (aka you won't feel all stuffed and gross when you're done).  It was huge and I couldn't finish it but I will have it again.  Phoebes is playing beach volleyball on Friday nights at this place so something tells me I'll be consuming a few more dinners there!

Saturday- Cinco De Mayo- Mexican Pizza- Is that a thing?  It is now!  I brought this to a party and it was quite yummy if I say so myself!  I cooked a chicken breast seasoned with chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, salt and pepper in the oven and shredded it.  Then I topped a pre made pizza shell (time crunch) with a little Ro-Tel (drained), sliced jalapenos,  the chicken, black beans, and a mix of cheddar and monterey jack cheeses.  I added a little more seasoning (same as the chicken) and then served with fresh guacamole for topping.  It was good, and I'm definitely making that again for sure!

Sunday- Grilled Chicken Thighs / Steamed green beans / grilled potatoes- Ok, not the prettiest looking dinner but it was pretty good.  The chicken was just marinated with plenty of garlic and herbs and a little olive oil and lemon and cooked on the grill (with only a couple of small fires....our grill has issues).  The potatoes were par cooked on the stove and finished on the grill.  It was not spectacular but it did the job for sure.  


I added something new to the repertoire last week! There's a store in the area called Fleet Feet which is all about running shoes and apparel and they do training and running groups and all kinds of stuff out of that store.  Now they're doing workouts in their parking lot every other Tuesday throughout the summer.  So a friend and I went and it was great!  It was a good workout, it was fun being outside and with a bunch of random people and something different (which is great because I get bored).  I didn't do much rowing last week (maybe one day?) but it was a crazy week, busy pretty much every single day.  I did some Swiss Ball workouts, strength training and a few good walks.  I can totally see that it's all changing my shape even though the scale says I've only lost 4 pounds or so.  I'm totally cool with that because I am definitely gaining muscle and certain areas that I'm aware of are shrinking.  A perfect example of why I hate when people get hung up on the scale. 


As you know, I make sure to breathe, deep and often (haha).  I started this post talking about focusing on the vision of the best life, the job the body the whatever, that you want rather that getting hung up on what you don't like, or don't want in your life.  Last weekend I had the overwhelming urge to pull my previous vision board apart and I remade it completely (using some of the same items but eliminating a few and adding a few.  It was a fabulous "breathe" activity.


I'm feeling really connected to this vision board (the last one, meh, not so much).  I use it as a daily reminder of the things, events, feelings that I do want to create in my life and I look forward to letting you know in the future how that all pans out!  I would love to know from you, do you tend to focus on the negative that you no longer want or do you actively strive to change things for the better (it's hard, I know!!!)?  Hit me in the comments or send me a private email.  I'd love to hear about it!  See you next week!

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