Hey I'm only human!

Hey I'm only human!

Here I am, always carrying on about making sure to practice what I preach.  Boy did I blow it last week!  Since last Sunday was Mother's Day, and the whole weekend got away from us, we never made a meal plan or did a major grocery shop for the week.  To top that off, I hosted a meal planning workshop on Thursday.  What a hack right?  Well, that's sort of how I felt at first but you know what?  The week went really smooth.  It was all because of two things, 1) we have a well stocked pantry (part of the meal planning process) and 2) we have so many ideas at hand that by just looking to see what we had in the freezer, we easily came up with meals with little to no trouble at all.  Now, if we did that again this week would it be as smooth?  Hell no.  A few days or one week is one thing, but after that you're back to "wahhhh, I don't know what to make".   The practice makes a big difference but it doesn't mean you can just stop it all together.


I don't have much in the way of actual recipes this week but these are some good examples of healthy meals that don't require a recipe and lengthy list of ingredients.  

Monday- Grilled Pork Tenderloin/ grilled zucchini/ Brown Rice-  Just as simple and fuss free as it sounds!  No recipe, no long list of ingredients.

Tuesday- Buffalo Chicken Thighs/ Steamed Broccoli/ Salt potatoes- We make these according to the recipe but usually take the skin off to cut down on the calories from fat.  I've been laying off the potatoes myself lately because I tend to use too much butter (I just find potatoes kind of boring otherwise so I rather just skip it).

Wednesday- Beef Gyro Sandwiches/ Tzatziki/ Sweet Potato Fries- This beef always comes out great!  It's pretty quick and very easy.  We never have time to make pita during the week and since we hadn't done any planning, we had these on little rolls.  It was good.  Not bad at all for coming up with it on the fly.

Thursday- Salmon with Spaghetti, Broccoli, Capers and Artichoke Hearts- Nelsy just made this one up on his own.  I was busy getting ready for my workshop and he was heading out to prune trees or something.  I did request that he grill the fish so that my workshop guests wouldn't walk into a house that smelled like fish!  

Friday- We ate out (AGAIN!)- We've been eating out a little more than normal lately. Part of it is because Phoebe is playing volleyball on Friday nights and her games are usually at 6 or 7pm.  We're either going right after track practice or there's not enough time to make and eat dinner before heading across town to her game.  It's just easier to eat there (she plays beach volleyball at a bar/restaurant) or somewhere nearby.  I'm sure as we roll into summer there will be an uptick in eating out but I'm being mindful, only indulging some of the time and making good choices most of the time.

Saturday- Well this wasn't much better, we had pizza!  LOL.  It's not the end of the world and as always I had a nice big side salad to offset the grease and fill me up without having to eat too many slices!

Sunday- BBQ Grilled Country Ribs (pork)/ Green Beans/ Corn on the Cob/ Potatoes/ Salad- Geez.  That's Nels for ya.  I didn't even eat the corn or potatoes and it was plenty of food.  He gets a little carried away, what can I say. 

I couldn't help but include a picture of my yogurt.  I eat Greek yogurt with blueberries (fresh or frozen), almonds and unsweetened coconut at least 5 days a week.  It never gets old and I totally enjoy every bite.  This past week it's been even better because I have these big coconut flakes instead of shredded and it's so good!


I'm going to be honest here, my workouts were a little slacky last week.  I did get some purposeful movement in most of the days, but nothing crazy, mostly walks and light weights.  It was a little busier I think with track meets and workshops and whatnot but I'm aware and moving on.  There's no good excuse really, so I'll do better going forward.  One thing I know that has slowed me down a bit is that I had moved the rower into my dining room for a week or so to make my workshop space pretty and I wasn't using it.  Yesterday I dragged it back out there and I'm ready to get back to some good rowing circuit workouts!  


I've been doing alot more reading than I normally do.  It's been a great "breathe" activity for me.  I'm reading my personal development book with my book club and another book as well.  I have never been a huge reader but it's something I've always kind wished I was.  Once in a while I'll borrow a book from my sister or someone and get wicked into it and read it super fast (Gone Girl, Love and Death, The Girl in the Box, to name a few) but those are not common occurrences, sometimes years apart!  I'm still getting up at 5:00am and some days I do some reading (most days) and then a couple of times I've tried to read before bed but it doesn't take long before I'm going cross eyed.  I don't know how you readers do it.  Anyway, I'm enjoying it and squeezing it in when and where I can and will continue to do more.

What have you been doing to unwind, relax or recharge lately?  Try anything new?  Have tried and true favorites?  I'd love to hear from you!  

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Ready to change for Good? 3 Non-negotiables to get it done.

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