When the Week is but a Blur

When the Week is but a Blur

I feel like everyone I talked to had a crazy week last week.  I think it's that whole end of school, summer approaching, everything scheduled all at once, time of year that anyone with school aged kids knows all too well.  Admittedly, some people were far, far, crazier than I, but it's not a competition, it's about digging in and getting through your own madness while still taking care of yourself, being present, and dare I say find the joy?  Some weeks it's hard to do any of those things but those are the times we really need to ask ourselves, this is my life, if I can't live it and be well, or be in the moment to take it all in or find any bit of joy, what's the point?  If you can't muster these things on a regular basis then I say, it's time to take a step back and reevaluate what you got going on there.  


As I sit down to write this, I can't even remember what we ate!  It must have been one of those "eat because you have to weeks" aka "I'm not feeling super enthused about anything at the moment when it comes to food".  I love food, but these weeks happen.  You know, when you just don't know what you feel like having or making and you rather someone else just thought of what to have and set it in front of you whether you really like it or not.

Monday- Fish/Rice/Veg- I'm feeling like this is becoming a Monday night thing.  Probably because it the easiest, most mindless (I don't even have to think), and healthy feeling meal to have after the weekend.  These are also reasons as to why we have this on the menu at least once every week.  It's like a free pass for the brain.  This time we had swordfish with coconut rice and some mixed veg.  So basically the usual with a twist of lime.

Tuesday- Cheeseburger Mac- I'm not sure this qualifies as anything near healthy per se but it is pretty tasty and the girl likes her pasta the night before a track meet.  This was what came to mind.  I've never had Cheeseburger Helper (well, Nels tells me that he made it for me once, years ago and I kind of remember thinking it was kind of gross but honestly I'm not sure I really remember it) but this stuff is pretty yummy.  I will say, I added a little diced bell pepper (orange I believe it was) and a can of diced tomatoes, drained.  I think the tomatoes are a must.  Not sure I would dig this at all without them.

Wednesday- Pork Carnitas- This is such an easy meal (when you remember to get it in the crockpot before you leave for work).  It's funny when I scrolled through my pictures to post this I came across photos from the last three times we had it and they all basically look the same.  So, the pork is a breeze, I usually make a quick batch of guac and honestly I was just going to have diced tomatoes but Nels whipped up some pico de gallo (which is better, I just didn't feel like it).  I also heated up a can of black beans (rinsed) with a little squeeze of lime.

Thursday- Turkey Burgers and Tater Tots- If you don't love turkey burgers, it's because I haven't made you one.  Seriously, I love them but I only like mine.  I can't help it.  I use 1.5 lbs of ground turkey, add a little plop of mayo (if the meat is super lean) and about a tablespoon of dijon mustard, a little shredded carrot and some sliced scallions.  Fresh herbs if I've got them (I usually do) and some salt and pepper.  I know the picture looks lame but I enjoyed every bite.  We were out of tomatoes so that's why it isn't pretty.  I eat mine in a lettuce leaf and had a dab of ranch on it.  Tater tots are just from the frozen section (read your labels though because they like to sneak weird things into something as simple as a tater tot).

Friday- A Giant Buffalo Chicken Salad at Borio's- I didn't put a dent in this thing!  Phoebe had a track meet that was a million hours long so we left, had dinner, came back, sat in the car because it was freezing out for an hour or so and then watched her run for 14 seconds after 10:00 pm.  I do love track but sometimes....ugh.  Next year I'm going to know how to manage the time better so I'm not waiting around for hours.  I like watching the other kids too but six hours gets to be a bit much.

Saturday- Kielbasa, Cabbage and Noods- Nelsy made this while I was sipping wine in the hot tub with my sister for two hours.  Some days we are livin' the life.  It was good.  The meat was actually these Teton Hot Dogs (?) or something like that from Costco.  They taste like kielbasa but without all the nitrates and what nots.  They're kind of expensive but for the little we eat them, I think it's worth it to get the good stuff.  If you're interested in the actual name of these things, let me know, I'll hook you up.

Sunday- Mother's Day- Nels made me a fabulous eggs benedict.  It was delish and  a warm sunny deck to eat it on wasn't so bad either!  We had a little appetizer and drinks session at my Mom's in the afternoon and really weren't that hungry for dinner so we just did a little snacking on leftovers.  Easy peasy.


My exercise was less than impressive this week.  I did do some walking and a killer kettlebell workout that left me SO sore for two days that it sent me right back to walking.  Oh my hammies were screaming!  I'm committed to doing better this week.  Busy schedule or not.  No excuses, right? 


My book club is one of the great breathe activities in my week.  We are just coming off a two week break as we were switching books and one of our members was moving to Wisconsin.  We are currently reading You are a Badass by Jen Sincero and I love it.  Don't tell the book club but I finished the book on Sunday but I'm going to go back and rereading it with them because it's really good and you can never let this stuff sink in too much!  We meet virtually, once a week and it is always a great time.  If you don't have a group of people that lift you up and and support you and your efforts to be a badass in your own life, I highly recommend it.  There are some amazing things that have been happening in this group since we started (almost 6 months ago I think!) and I'm certain there is MUCH more to come.


I will admit to not being great with the 5 am morning routine last week but I wasn't completely terrible.  I was so tired and had some restless sleeps that I felt like I needed to slack on it just a touch.  I let myself sleep a wee bit longer most of the days and when I did wake up, I read in bed instead of actually getting up.  I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but it does feel less productive to me than when I actually drag myself downstairs and read a book (not off the phone) and bust out the journal and meditate or whatever else I'm needing that day.

Next week I will be back!  My food situation is a big question mark since Mother's Day threw off the normal meal plan/grocery shop but at the very least I intend to have a fantastic exercise report.  How are you eating, moving and breathing these days?  I'd to hear from you!

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Hey I'm only human!

Hey I'm only human!

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What does YOUR best life look like?