Cravings: To Cave or Not to Cave

Cravings: To Cave or Not to Cave

Week six is done already?  This is what I don't like about things that are constantly pointing out what week or day you're on, time flies!  Sheesh.  So I think week six was one most of you can relate to.  There were cravings, and bad influences, and a trip to a bakery.  All things that can totally derail one's efforts to lose weight and improve fitness but that can happen at any time.  It's just life.  On Wednesday last week I was having one of those "I just want to eat anything and everything" days.  I had my usual yogurt for breakfast and brought my lunch to work as always.  I threw a clementine and an individual bag of Smart Food in my bag.  I generally don't eat the flavored stuff anymore, but once in a while I will have that one.  It seems to be the lesser of most evils. I ate them both at work (after my lunch) and came home still feeling snacky.   I thought it might be time for me to have the two Girl Scout cookies (Samoas) that I set aside for myself, because that's what you do when you have two teenagers that love Girl Scout Cookies.  This might just be the day.


My family thinks I'm annoying (and maybe you do too, I get it.)  because I can't just eat the cookies like everyone else, right after we get them.  The thing is, since I've become more picky about what I eat, I don't really eat store bought cookies.  If I'm going to eat cookies, I'm eating homemade cookies that don't have strange ingredients that belong in a lab rather than in my cupboard.  But I do love those Samoas.  So I set a couple aside and write a threatening message on them and have them when I want to have them.  So, the more I thought about it, I thought I might like to enjoy them with a glass of wine.  I wasn't about to have wine and cookies after work (at 3 PM on a Wednesday) so I thought, I'll have a spinach smoothie now and cookies later, after dinner.  For dinner that night we had leftover fajitas, which I had over salad rather than in a tortilla.  It was so delish and I was finally feeling satisfied for the first time all day and lo and behold, I no longer needed (or wanted) those cookies.  So there, I still have them for a time when I really want them and can really enjoy them!  You might be thinking " I don't have the willpower to have those cookies sitting there, I would have just eaten them!".  But here's the thing:

This is NOT about Willpower.  This is ALL about Mindfulness.

I had fully decided to eat those cookies.  I was on board and not going to feel bad or guily or anything else.  I also decided that I wanted to fully enjoy them and for me that meant with a little red wine.  By putting it off to a more appropriate time (I still had to do my arm workout and pick up kids and make dinner and do some prep for my workshop) I was fine to wait until after dinner.  By the time I was done with dinner, I listened to my body- it was full and I can't enjoy my only two Girl Scout cookies of the year when I'm already plenty full so - BOOM!  Craving gone, cookies still on hand for another time.  It's a win win.


I have a few recipes to share this week but we did have some leftovers and ate out one night so I wasn't cooking every day (which is nice once in a while!).

Monday- Coconut Lime Chicken over zucchini noods.  This was good!  It was kind of a spicy curry (not super spicy).  I'm trying to keep the rice and pasta to a minimum so the zucchini noodles were a perfect fit.  We'll make this again for sure.  

Tuesday- Beef Broccoli in the Instant Pot over brown rice.  I'm not posting the recipe because I thought it was pretty lame.  Can you make good beef broccoli without MSG?  I'm not sure, I haven't found a recipe yet that doesn't bore me to death.  If you have one, PLEASE share it with me.  It always looks SO good in the pictures and ends up being a big snoozefest.

Wednesday- Chicken Fajita Leftovers (see week five for recipe).  I had mine ove a nice big bed of lettuce, black beans and all.  It was delicious and I just topped it with some guacamole and a touch of sour cream and a squeeze of lime.  Oh, and cilantro.  YUM.

Thursday- Cauliflower Mac and Cheese- You can see from this recipe post on my old blog, we've been making this one for many years.  It's our go to for mac and cheese and everyone loves it.  I now add a little Chalula (I think I'm spelling that right...) to the cheese sauce to give it a little kick.  Don't forget the salad!  

Friday- Wood Fired Pizza and Beer- A good friend showed up on Friday after work unexpectedly.  He just bought a new car and wanted to take us for a ride.  To the brew pub.  For a beer or two.  We had to go, we didn't want to be rude!  They had a pizza truck there so we just shared a couple of pizzas between the three of us.  We had fun (and didn't over do it, for the record).

Saturday- Chicken with Red Curry and Stir Fried Vegetables. Another minimal cooking night.  My friend Tony who cooks like he has a family of 8 (he lives alone) came over with some chicken curry.  We cooked up some brown rice and zucchini noods (options) and a side of mixed veg and it was delish.  Coconut milk, red curry paste and lime are a combo made in heaven. (The picture of the big salad with ham on it was my lunch on Saturday after a brutal workout- it was too fabulous not to share).

Sunday- Oh guess what!  Tony also brought us a pot of leftover sauce which was fantastic.  We bought a beautiful loaf of bread at a bakery (The Stoop Kitchen) on Sunday morning.  I made meatballs and Riggies to go with Tony's sauce and it was a lovely Sunday Supper.  I'm not really a big bread eater (I probably eat bread less than once a week on average) but this was a REALLY good loaf, not to be passed up.  Again, when I'm going to indulge, I'm going to make it worth my while (like the croissant I had at the bakery while I made my grocery list for the week!).


I'm feeling so good about where I am with my exercise.  I'm still not interested in getting on that scale because I can see that my gut is starting to shrink and my arms are getting better every day so I say screw the number on the scale.  I've got this.  Yes, it is slow but steady and lets keep in mind....I'm not dieting.  I'm being mindful and I am totally pushing myself physically and it feels great.  I had hoped to get one or two more intense workouts in last week but like I said, life happened.  Thursday I hosted a Meal Planning Workshop and I only had time for the arms and Friday....well, I already told you what happened on Friday!  Saturday I WAY made up for it.  Could barely walk on Sunday.  I'm better now and ready for a whole new week.


I felt like the whole weekend was an exercise in Breathe.  I enjoyed time with friends, with Nels, checked out a new place with lovely atmosphere (the bakery) and journaled and read and it was lovely.  I had a little itch to spend some time making art that I didn't scratch, but it'll come.  The important thing was that I did some things that made me happy, relaxed and ready keep on keeping on.  I think people too often overlook the importance of just doing what feels good sometimes.  Even if it means you have to say no to something else.  Keep that in mind.  You matter, your happiness matters and you deserve it.

As usual, I look forward to reporting back next week!  And don't forget, if you have a Beef Broccoli that rocks, send it my way.  I'm also accepting Meatball recipes...I don't love mine.

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