Spring Break: When your routine goes awry

Spring Break: When your routine goes awry

We almost never go away for spring break.  We have a couple of times over the years (my Facebook memories reminds me every year of our fun trip to Florida maybe 6 years ago and a trip to Oregon 4 years ago).  Generally, we stay put and save those precious vacations days for the summer months.  When the kids are off from school and I'm not off work, it always throws me off a little.  My brain always thinks that for some reason I'm on break when I'm not.  I want to sleep in a tad longer (so I stay in bed until 5:30 or 6:00 instead of 5:00.  I don't leave for work until 9:20 but the early morning is part of my "mental health" time), my after work plans are messed up because someone usually needs a ride somewhere or to do something, our dinner plans go out the window because suddenly both kids are gone for dinner and we don't want to cook a whole big meal for the two of us or they have friends over so we have extra mouths to feed.   And then there's being up later than normal because someone has a friend over or needs to get picked up at a friend's or is getting a ride home at 10:00 pm.  You get the gist.

I always try to be mindful of how I let this affect me during spring break so that when summer vacation sneaks up super fast I won't be all out of whack for two and half months!   So this week I got in less high intensity workouts than I like and ate a little more take out/restaurant food than one would want that is trying to drop a few pounds (lol) BUT I was super mindful and I am really feeling my progress in this journey so it's all good!  And as always, I have a whole new week ahead (which is super busy but who isn't, right?).


We had some good meals this week that offset the Chinese take-out that we ended up with on friday (ugh) and the drinks and apps I went out for on Saturday (with my girls, totally worth it).

Monday- Steak Salad- First day of their week off and we were already off the planned menu for the week!  When we found ourselves kidless for dinner we just decided to cook up a steak and make a big salad.  I'm so into my big salad's sometimes I think "I could totally sell these salads".  This is probably not the first time I've said that on this blog but here's the thing.  Some day when I'm living the dream and I have my own wellness center with a teaching kitchen, I might just sell some salads.

Tuesday- Orange Chicken with Zucchini Noods- This recipe was pretty good but I didn't execute it all that well.  The chicken was a little chewy but I think it was because I was supposed to do the quick release on the pressure cooker and I didn't hear the timer go off so it cooked a few extra minutes (which in pressure cooker time is apparently a big deal).  While I will never cut pasta out of my life, I am trying to be more mindful about how often I eat it so zucchini noods were the side of choice.

Wednesday- Pork Marsala- This was our pasta night, Phoebe had a track meet on Thursday so we plan our pastas for the night before.  Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure she ended up staying at her friend's house for dinner.  Oh well.  This recipe was pretty good, it wasn't as creamy as we pictured it but we did add a bunch of spinach to it so that may have messed with the sauce a bit.  We'd try it again without it.  We served the marsala over spinach fettuccine.

Thursday- Brazilian Fish Stew- This is one of those meals that when I say what we're having gets a lot of groans and ughs.  But then they eat it and remember that they like it.  Then they go back for seconds.  We we served this over jasmine rice and I made a side of black beans just because.  I recommend this one as a way to switch up your fish night to keep it interesting (as always I suggest haddock or another white fish inplace of tilapia).

Friday- Chinese Take-out- Not my fave but one kid was at a track meet for what seemed like days and the other was all up in the air with his plans and ended up ditching us.  We tend to be a little burnt out by Friday night so that's out preferred night to "be bad".  And just to clarify, being bad has nothing to do with the food, it has to do with spending.  Just to be clear.  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the quinoa salad that I brought to work for a food day and basically just ate that and a couple bites (like, literally two bites) of chicken wing dip for lunch.  Another reason why I didn't feel too terrible eating Chinese for dinner.

Saturday- Drinks and Apps- This was a little impromptu-ish.  It was fun, three of is shared a few appetizers, some wine and good convo.  That's what matters.  And I was totally being aware and not overdoing it with the nachos, arancini and spinach and artichoke dip.  We definitely didn't eat it all.  It feels good when you have control, when you don't just keep grazing because it's sitting in front of you.  When you can eat until you're satisfied and then just stop, you know you're doing something right and taking good care of yourself (because let's face it, we've ALL been a glutton a time or two or three or four).

Sunday- Pot Roast- I believe this was a recipe from the Joy of Cooking.  I didn't make it, Nels did, but I'm pretty sure I saw that book open on the counter (I was too busy preparing my three season room for an upcoming workshop!).  We had carrots and potatoes and salad with it.  It was a perfect Sunday Supper on a snowy (ugh) Sunday in late April.


Like I mentioned, I didn't get as many tough workouts in as I had hoped, but when I did, I made them count.  Ever do burpees with a BOSU ball?  Damn.  It's a killer.  I'm keeping up with my arms and they are changing for sure.  I probably should have done some measuring at the beginning of this whole thing because I can assure you my gut is shrinking, I just can't tell you exactly how much.  The important thing is that I can see it and feel it and it's both exciting and motivating.


On the rare day that it isn't freezing (and snowing) out (in April...) this is my gym.  I can't wait to be out there everyday!


Saturday was pretty great in the breathe category.  Nels and Phoebe were out of town most of the day and Hayden was with his buddies so I had the whole day to leisurely clean, do laundry, read, exercise...what ever I felt compelled to do, when I felt compelled to do it.  It was quite nice.  I have to tell you about Sunday too because this was pretty funny.  I was all cozy and and hanging out having coffee in bed, pretending it wasn't snowing (afreakinggain) and my mom texts and says "the NHL world championships are on TV at 10:30 am!"  The grandson (Joel Farabee) of one of my dad's best friends was paying and they didn't get the channel it was on. So I (half joking because I never thought they would come over that early/quick) invited them to come watch hockey in their jammies and they were like "OK! We'll be over in a minute!".  Then my sister who is also on the thread was like "We're coming too!" and suddenly I've got all these people over at 10:30 on Sunday morning watching hockey (so random) and eating muffins and it's snowing and it's the end of April (W.T.H.).  


My sister and I spent the rest of the day getting my three season room workshop ready for Thursday!  I'm excited!  I'm hosting a Real Moms Meet Up  and our topic is Me Time for mom!  Who doesn't need that?  I'm also hosting another Meal Planning Workshop next week, so click below to learn more about joining me in this cool space for some useful info and interaction with other busy moms like you! 

You know the drill, I'll be back to share the trials and tribulations of getting my body back (hopefully) before summer gets going (around here, that could be a while, so I'm probably good).

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