Starting to see the Magic: Hard work pays off

Starting to see the Magic: Hard work pays off

You know what's hard?  Trying to keep up a good workout effort when you're not seeing results.  You know what's awesome?  Having the patience to keep at it until you do.   


Maybe you've seen or heard this before, or maybe not but I'm telling you, there is some truth to it.  This is something I've shared with my groups a number of times and right now I'm reaffirming it.  This post is all about week five of me making a concerted effort to get my body back to where I like.  Back to a weight I'm comfortable in, moving with purpose on a regular basis and getting there without any gimmicks, products or special diets.  Just practicing what I preach, Real Food, Exercise and Mindfulness.  At the start of week five (end of week four) I could could really start to see that I was making progress, even with week three being a total bust because I was sick and barely worked out at all.  I'm sure at this point it isn't noticeable to anyone else but that's ok.  I spent a whole year slacking off, only exercising sporadically and not always giving it the effort it deserved.  I certainly cannot (not should you) expect that I get back to my normal in just four or five weeks!  In week five I was a little lax with writing down my workouts but I think I've got it figured out.  I don't think I took a full rest day, but some were much easier than others.


This week most of our dinners did not involve actual recipes.  We had the meals planned but just did our own thing which is not uncommon for us, and the more you get used to cooking, the easier that is of course.

Monday- Nelsy made us stuffed chicken breasts, stuffed with broccoli, cheddar and garlic with a side of roasted potatoes and carrots.  This was a request from Phoebe, it's kind of a pain in the neck to make so it's literally been years I think since the last time we had it.  He didn't follow a recipe so I don't have one to share.  It was good, but worth the effort?  Meh.

Tuesday- Fish, brown rice, Sweet and Spicy Cauliflower and broccoli-  This dinner was not my best work!  I was doing a live video while cooking the fish (not recommended) and the cauliflower was not the greatest.  I'm linking the recipe because I think it has potential, I believe I may have overcrowded the pan (ignoring their specific warning not to do that) and it was a little soggy.  I quickly steamed up some broccoli just in case it totally sucked and I was afraid the kids would find it too spicy but they kind of liked it.  You be the judge on that one.

Wednesday- Pasta Primavera- Again I have no recipe, this is one of those throw together meals.  This was a meatless meal packed with veg.  It had carrots, broccoli, zucchini, bell pepper and spinach.  The "sauce" was made from chicken broth, white wine and a splash of cream.  And garlic.  There's always garlic.  We were getting Phoebe all carbed up for her first track meet of the season on Thursday!

Thursday- Crock Pot Fajitas- With a 4:30 track meet (and the potential for it to last forever) I decided the crock pot was the way to go.  I threw it together super quick before work and just whipped up some guacamole before heading over to the track and heated up some black beans just before we ate.  Super easy dinner, I highly recommend it on your busy nights, especially if everyone is coming and going at different times. 

Friday- Shrimp (and chicken) Scampi over Zucchini Ribbons- This was a good one! Sadly I don't have a recipe for this either because it was made up on the fly.  I'm sure you could google around and find something (maybe we'll work on that for ya). 

Saturday- Pizza and Salad- My kid can't seem to go a week without pizza (I mean, he does but when we're not having it, he's constantly suggesting that we do).  Sometimes it just feels like the best option so I always make sure that I have a nice big salad with it so I don't ever do it with the pizza.  I have a couple of slices which isn't terrible considering the way they're cut, they're not that big (see picture).  There's always room for pizza in a wholly healthy life.  Just be mindful of how much you're eating, don't have it too often and always throw in a healthy side.

Sunday- Easter Brunch/ Scalloped Potatoes and Ham- I started my day with a (small) hot cross bun (with the icing scraped off because I don't like it) made by Nels, with a nice cup of coffee.  For brunch we went to my favorite brew pub, The Empire, and I had the Huevos Rancheros.  I don't think that was too bad at all.  A crisp tortilla (looked whole wheat even!) topped with two poached eggs, guacamole, shredded cabbage, beans, pico de gallo and a little sour cream...and a Bloody Mary of course!  We went pretty early so there was no getting out of cooking dinner.  We had ham (Nels can't help himself) and my Gram's scalloped potatoes (that I need to teach Phoebe how to make because no one else in the family seems to know how.  Or they just rather I did it.  Not sure.), green beans and salad.  

***If you've been enjoying checking out our menu each week and want to learn how to plan healthy, easy meals for your family, you can join me this Thursday 4/5/18 for a Meal planning workshop!  You'll be eating like the Anderson's in no time! LOL


I'm super proud of my keeping up on these workouts.  Week 5 and I'm still alive!!! I'm doing rowing circuit workouts every other day (trying to save the knees!) and low impact and weights (kettlebells and dumbbells) every other day.  Saturday I got a good walk in with my sister, finally a sunny day without freezing temps!  I'm also doing a quick (5 minutes) arm workout everyday, and you guys are going to be like- "Damn girl, you got some hot arms!" this summer.  For reals.  I'm noticing the subtle changes, no one else would but that's ok.  It's keeping me motivated to keep working and honestly I feel so much better, I really have no interest in blowing it off at this point.


I've been doing this free 21 day meditation series with Oprah and Deepak Chopra for the past couple of weeks and I've been enjoying that.  My meditation muscle is getting stronger.  I know because the last time I signed up for one of their 21 day meditation series I never made it past day 8 or 9.  I add this section every week because I want to stress the fact that keeping stress levels down, getting good sleep and taking care of yourself not just nutritionally and physically, but also mentally when you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight is very important to your success.  This is part of what put me in this position (10 extra pounds) in the first place.  I am just as committed to this piece as I am my mindful eating and exercise.  I hope you're doing the same!

I'll see you here next Tuesday for a wrap up of week six!  If you're working on getting your body back by summer please comment or send me a message!  I'd love to hear how it's going for you!


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