Gratitude for Health and Wellness

Gratitude for Health and Wellness

Week seven seemed pretty run of the mill for the most part.  Although, I'm starting to experience a little seasonal affect disorder (or something similar) so that's not helping my mood and motivation any.  But I'm still hanging tight in keeping up with regular exercise and mindful eating.  One thing that helps when things are seeming down or gloomy is gratitude.  I may have mentioned in a previous post that I have this fabulous book club and our picks are self-development books.  In one of the first chapters of "Conscious Communications" by Mary Shores she advises having a gratitude group.  A small group that you can group text (or in our case, we use a Facebook group) to post our gratitude daily.  Each of us posts three things every day.  It's a fantastic practice for staying positive and staying in touch with the good that you have to begin with, even if you're trying to make positive changes.  This totally relates to health and wellness changes and I always incorporate it in coaching, because it works.  If you feel grateful for the body you're in right now and gratitude for your current health status, it's so much easier to treat yourself with kindness and act on your health and wellness goals from a place of love rather than a place of hate (or disgust or disappointment).  This makes all the difference because now, you're exercising because you care about your body and you want it to function at it's best.  You want to eat good food because you want to feel good and you deserve it.  When you're acting from hate, exercise feels like a punishment for being fat.  Healthy food (for someone who normally eats a lot of junk) is seen as required suffering for all of the weight you put on.  Seriously, who is motivated by that?  Punishment and suffering are not things that I feel compelled to put myself through, but taking care of myself because I am worth it and deserve to look and feel my best?  Heck yes, let's get another circuit in before it's time to pick up the kids.  I am grateful that I can.


This week was full of meals that you can really feel good about eating and feel good while you're eating them as well!  Friday night we went out to dinner so that wasn't exactly healthy, but my theory with that is, if you're cooking and eating at home the majority of the time, there's nothing to feel bad or guilty about if you order something less than healthy when you do go out on occasion.  You can still eat mindfully (in this case, you don't have to clean your plate!) and enjoy the meal.

Monday- Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet potato-  You are now well aware of the Buffalo chicken obsession we all have in this house.  I make my own (very simple) Buffalo chicken and just put it in the sweet potato topped with a tiny bit of blue cheese crumbles and some chopped celery.  We had it with a little side salad- super filling meal and quite healthy! 

Tuesday- Fish Taco Bowl- I'm so digging this dinner.  Like, a lot.  I basically follow this recipe but this time I just cooked the beans separately with a can of Ro-Tel, then I put everything together in the end.  I swear to you, I enjoy every. single. bite.  I even had leftovers (in my Thermos, no joke) the next day for lunch and fully enjoyed it again.  I could sell this and you would buy it.  And come again.  One important note is don't use tilapia (please).  I used haddock but any mild, white fish will do!  

Wednesday- Turkey Burgers- The funny thing about turkey burgers (for me) is that I absolutely love mine, but refuse to order them out.  Restaurants just don't make them like I do and I've learned that lesson the hard way.  If I feel like a burger when we go out to eat (as I mentioned, is not that often) I get a good o'll sloppy beef burger.  I've also stopped eating mine with a bun (at home) and opt for a lettuce wrap instead.  With good toppings, I don't miss it a bit.  We had the fries too!  Baked in the oven, better than deep fried and I made (actually I taught Hayden to make) homemade honey mustard for dipping.  This was a good burger and fries that I didn't have to feel bad about.

Thursday- Frittata- This week's frittata was broccoli, ham and cheddar deliciousness.  I mentioned in a previous post (last week?) that I use a general guideline of 9 eggs about 1/4 cup of cream (makes it fluffier), whatever other fillings I want, cook on the stove until the sides begin to pull away and then pop it in the oven on 375 (ish) for about 15 min and finish under the broiler.  If you've never made one, look at a couple of the hundreds of recipes out there and after a few times you'll be winging it like me.  I always serve with a salad and it's perfect.  Light but satisfying.  Feel healthy food.

Friday- Winner Picks the Dinner Night-  Every year the four of us fill out our March Madness brackets and play for picking the restaurant.  Hayden won this year and we went to  Kelley's.  He had never been there but he was willing to trust my recommendation.  He had a Fried chicken BLT, Phoebe had perogies and beef tips, Nelsy had Korean Beef tacos and I had a classic Cubano.  Yum.  

Saturday- Creamy Enchilada Soup- Well this was a new one for us.  It was hearty and healthy (no cream) but the toppers are essential.  The soup itself is needing a boost but is good topped with a little cheddar, a good squeeze of lime and some fresh pico de gallo.  A few tortilla chips don't hurt either ;).  *This recipe made a ton of soup!

Sunday- Pork Chops and Applesauce- Kicking it old school.  Pan fried pork chops, roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes and homemade applesauce.  No recipes were used in the construction of this meal.  In case you're wondering, I did not clean my plate, holy moly, what was I thinking when I dished that up?  I didn't even have room for applesauce (on the plate or otherwise!).   The Peach Oatmeal Muffins we had for breakfast.  Nelsy can't help himself, he is his mother's son.   He said he tweaked the recipe a little (sorry, I'm not sure what that means exactly!).


Like I mentioned earlier, I'm holding steady with the workouts.  I try to go hard 2-3 days a week and then do lower impact strength training using weights, body weight, Bosu Ball and/or  Balance Ball on the other days.  I've typically had 1-2 days off a week based on how I'm feeling (if I'm too sore to move!) or what our schedule brings.  For example, on Wednesday I had intended to get a good workout in on the ball before the track meet but less than half way through I get a text that the jersey is missing and it's picture day.  Awesome.  I spent the rest of the time before the meet digging through piles of clean and or dirty clothes (because who can tell the difference when they're All. Over. The. Floor.) so there went that.  By the time we got home it was almost 7:00 pm and I had to thaw out (it was FREEZING out) and make dinner.  I officially called it.  The workout is not getting completed today.  These things happen and it's OK.  But this is a good reminder of why we really should make it happen when we can, because you just don't know when something might come up to throw you completely off.


This is all coming back to my book/gratitude group.  We really have a cool thing going there and in addition to being grateful and sharing it with others, it's really nice to hear what others are grateful for too.  Sometimes it makes you think and even adds to your own list.  Last week the chapter we read was all about affirmations.  I have been known to recommend using affirmations to the people I coach.  I get that it's weird or uncomfortable for some, so it's not something that I push on people but I, with this chapter of the book, am fully digging in and making it part of my (wicked early) morning routine.  I will let you know how it's going in a few weeks from now.

Now I'm on to another week.  I've got something cool I'm checking out on Monday nights (Breathe) that I will report back on, we have two track meets (one for each kid) and more super crappy weather in store.  I'll be back!

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