Getting in the groove

Getting in the groove

It was last Monday, February 26, when I really got serious about wanting and needing to get my shit back together and put a stop to this exercise funk that I've been in.  I had been to the doctor for a wellness visit the Friday before and was finally feeling yucky enough about these extra 10 or so pounds I put on over (likely) the past year and my mind was made up.  It's time to get serious.  I've hit my tipping point and I'm ready to do better for myself.  If you're finding yourself in the same boat and want to join me to stay accountable on your journey, you can join my Facebook Group The Tipping Point.  

When I coach clients, either 1:1, in groups or in my online program, I like to divide things into three categories to simplify things a bit.  I'm going to do the same on these posts between now and June 1st (or so, maybe we'll go to the official start of summer!).  I will share how I Eat, Move and Breathe over the next several weeks while I get my body back to where I'm feeling good and my clothes are comfortable.  I'm here to keep it real with you all, so expect the good, the bad and the ugly.  (Hopefully it doesn't get too ugly)


Generally speaking, I'm a healthy eater but not what some might consider "over the top".  We cook healthy meals and eat REAL food the majority of the time.  I've been really good at maintaining a healthy weight over the years but I will admit, I've been distracted and stressed more than ever over the past year and maybe (especially over the holidays) I got a little carried away.  Normally it would have been fine.  Indulging in the occasional Christmas cookie, digging into the gooey party dips and cheese platters is normally not a big deal when I'm exercising the way I should be.  But I wasn't.

So last week I started really paying attention to my portions and making some better choices to support weight loss.  I had recently decided to change up the times I was eating.  over the past year I was taking my breakfast with me to work and eating it around 9:45 and then eating lunch when I got home at 2:30.  A few weeks ago I started eating breakfast at home and taking my lunch to work so I wasn't 1) starving to death (and likely over eating) by 2:30 and 2) not eating lunch and dinner so close together (for the record we usually eat around 7:00 pm so it's not quite as bad as it seems). 


The first week I had no clue what to bring.  I always eat leftovers or salads at home.  This presented two challenges.  First, I work part time.  I don't get breaks and if I ever got caught microwaving food during my shift they'd have my head.  The other problem (with salad) is that I need "phone friendly" foods, things I can eat while taking calls (aka, not crunchy!).  So not knowing what to bring, I was making egg salad sandwiches.  They were tasty, pretty healthy and phone friendly but WAY more bread than I'm used to eating!  I think that week was more of a hindrance than a help.  That's where the thermos comes in.  This thing works great.  I heat everything up before I leave around 9:00 and the food is still hot when I eat it between noon and 1:00.  The moral of this story is, sometimes you just have to be a little flexible and willing to try things out until you find what works.  This, so far, is working for me.


The week started out with some very unseasonably warm weather which worked out completely in my favor.  I feel it's never a great idea to go from zero to full blast with exercise, so getting out for some nice long, brisk walks was the perfect seguey to my new routine.  I covered five miles both Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday was busy but the rower we bought came in the mail!  I love to walk but as a weight loss activity, for me, isn't going to cut it.  If you've been sedentary for a long time though, walking is a great place to start.  You can eventually pick up the pace and add hills to challenge yourself and you will get results for a while.  For me, walking is a really good supplement to regular exercise but I need to kick it up a bit to change my body (and I hate running).


so yeah, I bought a rowing machine.  If you're following along because you too, are getting back on track (or maybe just getting started for the first time), do not think you need to purchase some big piece of equipment, you don't.  We don't have a treadmill or elliptical or any other cardio equipment (my mom's old exercise bike that the kids insisted they would use doesn't count) and many of you might not either, and that's ok.  I'm going to be honest, I was really getting sucked into those Peloton commercials during the Olympics.  I practically had Nelsy on board with getting one until I realized that after spending almost $2,000.00 on the bike, you have to pay something like $40 a month for a subscription to the live classes, which is what makes it so cool to begin with.  I decided a much more cost effective option was a rower (I wanted a good way to get some cardio in at home and I hate to run, so there's that).  It was only $299.00 and frankly, in the grand scheme of staying healthy and losing spare poundage, $300 is nothing.  I'm worth that, easily. 


So far I'm loving it.  I found this and a bunch of other workouts like it on Pinterest.  I did this one on Saturday and I'm still hobbling around after all those lunges (My future buns of steel are more like buns of squeal at the moment).  Sunday I opted for some gentle Yoga on YouTube.  


This has become my favorite part of living a wholly healthy life.  Everyone knows, when it's time to lose weight or "get healthy" you start watching what you eat and get more exercise.  What always gets lost in the shuffle is the importance of getting good sleep, reducing stress levels and taking time to just be.

photo (11).JPG

I decided sometime in January that I'm going to become a morning person.  I did good for a week or so and fell out of the groove when we had a long weekend mid-month.  I'm back at it and doing really well.  For two weeks now I've been getting up at 5:00 am without hitting snooze (that's a biggie!).  I head downstairs and start each day with a glass of lemon water and I spend that hour reading, journaling and meditating.  I only meditate for 10 minutes so the rest of the time I divvy up  based on what feels good.  If I'm sucked into my book, I read more.  If I have things on my mind I need to work out, I write more.  I just go with the flow and it really has been a lovely addition to my days.  Eventually I hope to follow that time up with a workout (at least some mornings) but I'm not quite there yet!  I do admire those of you who go to the gym at 5:00 am.  I've tried it and I usually feel awful. 

What's Next

I think I'm off to a good start, I'm feeling so good about being active more often and I've made a real conscious effort to eat more apples and clementines when I'm feeling a little snacky.  I'm looking forward to doing more, and working out harder this week, getting past the soreness will help!  I'll meet you back here on Tuesday but if you want to follow along during the week, you can find me on my Facebook page  Wholly Healthy Life. If you want to actually see what I post there you'll want to hit "Follow" and in the news feed options "See First".  Otherwise no one sees it.  Thanks Facebook.

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Readiness is Everything!

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