Not for Nothing, R&R is where it's at!

Not for Nothing, R&R is where it's at!

Reflecting back on week four, I became aware of some pretty important lessons.  As the week was happening, I was frustrated because it felt like a total bust.  I came down with a cold on Monday evening and that threw a wrench into everything.  Or so it felt.  In reality though, it's a perfect example that this is just life.  Sometimes we get sick, or someone else that we take care of gets sick or some other snafu gets thrown into the works and messes you all up.  The important lesson here is that it's no reason to throw in the towel and give up alltogether.  Rather, you have to listen to your body and give it what it needs.  Sometimes that means taking a big o'll break.  By the time I got home from work on Monday, I felt the tiniest twinges of something creeping up on me.  A cold or whatnot.  So I quickly got to my workout, just in case.  I felt good enough to get a good one in and if those twinges were right, I might be sidelined for a few days.  And so I was.  By monday night I had a full blown sore throat and definitely had caught the same thing that my son and sister had just a few days ahead of me.  


Knowing that exercise would be minimal (at best) during the week, I had to be even more mindful with my eating.  I felt pretty lousy but not the kind of lousy that makes you lose your appetite (figures, right?).  So while I try always to watch my portions, I tried to be extra mindful while not being able to exercise.  I've got some more good recipes (and my notes of course) to share with you, three of which are regulars in our house!

Monday- Beef Gyros - If you have an electric pressure cooker (an Instant Pot or any other brand) you MUST try this recipe!  So easy, so delicious.  I make my own tzatziki and Nels makes our pitas homemade (he does it on Sunday and we have them on Monday, so they're still nice and fresh).  We had a side of spinach and sweet potato fries (I opted out) with it.

Tuesday- Tuna Noodle Casserole-  OMG!  I LOVE this recipe.  By Tuesday I was full blown feeling terrible so I asked Nels to make this for me (it was already on our list, but I wanted him to cook it).  This, for me is the ultimate comfort food.  I love this recipe because it uses cabbage in place of noodles (*We do add a small amount of egg noodles to the the mix though.  I have a growing 13 year old boy, a 15 year old daughter running track and playing soccer at the moment and a husband training for a 10 mile race- I'm not skipping the noods entirely, these are HUNGRY people!).  One more note on this, I personally have an aversion to canned tuna so we usually just cook up a couple of tuna steaks and break them up in there instead).

Wednesday- Pork Fried Rice- This is my own recipe, and a house fave.  I totally (in my congested fogginess) forgot to add egg this time but the kids each fried one up for themselves and threw it on top.  There's not much (in their eyes) that can't be made even better, with the addition of a fried egg on top!

Thursday- Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet-  This was a new one for us.  It was pretty good, nice and easy, I'd maybe add a little more seasoning or herbs but overall a nice, healthy dinner.  Oh, we added spinach to this too.  

Friday- Leftovers- Phoebe and I were on our own while the boys hit the slopes so we had some leftover bolognese and salad from the week before (that recipe made a ton!).

Saturday- I had veggies and hummus and some other snacks (read a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie) at a friend's house.  After a late lunch Downtown with my sister and our boys, a nice fancy steak and gorgonzola pizza, I didn't need much after that.   Nels made pizza at home for the kids.

Sunday- Swedish Meatballs- My kids go completely nuts for these!  I don't have a picture because I was too distracted by watching Duke go down that I didn't even think about it (we love us some March Madness!).


Needless to say (at this point) there wasn't a whole lot of moving going on last week!  I got a good rowing circuit workout in on Monday before falling fully in the grips of the yuck but after that, it was minimal.  I think Thursday and Friday I did some abs and legs, all things that could be done while lying on the floor.  I did more of the same on Sunday, nothing too crazy.  Taking it easy was exactly what I needed and even though I was sick for almost a full week, it really never got real bad.  Every time I was afraid I'd wake up feeling worse the next day, I didn't.  Lot's of water, smoothies, vitamin C and couch time totally did the trick.  


As you know by now, I've been training myself to be a morning person.  During this week though I slept a wee bit later when I felt I needed it and the other days I still woke up and read and meditated at 5 am but I stayed in bed rather than getting up and going downstairs.  That was a good compromise because I didn't get off track with the early rising but I stayed warm and cozy and comfortable while not feeling great.  

Another important lesson realized this week is that my mindset work has been paying off.  Currently I'm reading a book (Conscious Communications) with a fabulous group of ladies and the chapter we had just finished was about limiting (or ending actually) negative self-talk.  I've learned through this and other mindset work in recent years to be kind to myself, to treat myself and talk to myself the way I do with others and what a difference that makes when you're trying to get your body back!  I'm patient and kind and forgiving with myself.  I didn't beat myself up for not being able to "stick to the program" and I cared enough to focus more on getting better by resting up and eating lots of fruits and veggies throughout the week.

I'm always preaching this to the women in my groups or programs and again, it's nice when you can show others that you're true to your own message (practice what you preach yo!) and not just feeding them a load of you know what.

I'm ready to take week 5 by the horns and look forward to sharing it with you next Tuesday!

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