Readiness is Everything!

Readiness is Everything!

Week two was fantastic!  One thing I've been preaching to clients, readers and friends for years is that if you're not totally ready to do this, it isn't going to take.  I just reaffirmed that for myself over the past two weeks.   I mentioned before about finding that little note I jotted to myself, that I wrote back in November about getting on the ball and clearly I was just not ready.  There is no better motivation than what comes from within and making that decision for yourself.  In other words, your doctor or your husband telling you that you really need to get moving is not nearly as effective as getting to that place on your own.  If you're not quite there yet (but wish you were), ask yourself:  Why you do want to lose weight or get healthier?  Dig deep and spend some time on it.  The answers you come up with might be just the push you need to get going (unless of course your answer is simply, I want to be size 6 again.  That probably isn't important enough to get your but in gear and stay there).  Once you've really done work on your WHY, think about what's holding you back.  And write this stuff down!  Seeing it on paper can be a real eye opener!  If you need help making sense of this, hit me up!  Just send me an email, I'll help you get to the bottom of it.  

OK then, let's dive into the recap of last week!


There were some great dinners going down over here last week and a few less impressive meals as well.  We'll start with the less than ideal.  Monday we had no leftovers that I could take in a thermos or eat cold (I can't eat anything crunchy at work!) so I grabbed a couple of strips of leftover pizza and a couple of clementines.  Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with eating pizza once in a while but it was leftover from Saturday and getting a little worn out.  And I had to eat it cold so that wasn't helping anything!  If I'm going to eat something that is unhealthy or less than ideal, I want to fully enjoy it.  Make it worth it, you know?  I really didn't enjoy it at all.  Lesson learned, plan a little better for days with no leftovers.  The other not so great meal was take out on Thursday.  I had a few chicken tenders (really good ones) and a few fries but I made myself a nice salad to go with it, which was the bulk of my meal.  We were in a pinch that night so we went with it.  Again, not the end of the world.

The bulk of our meals were quite good!  They were pretty healthy over all and very tasty.  Here are the recipe links from last week:

Sunday- Skillet Lasagna (So much lighter than a traditional lasagna!)

Monday- One Pan Salmon and Asparagus (We had this with a side of farro, seasoned with fresh herbs and a little parmesan cheese.)

Tuesday- Spinach and White Bean Soup and salad (I added about a cup of diced ham and used chicken broth instead of vegetable broth- it was really good!) 

Wednesday- Chicken Burrito Bowl (with brown rice, less cheese)

Thursday- Take out and a salad (was making ramen and I started it too late so we went with plan B)

Friday- Crispy Pork Ramen (my original plan was a crockpot version but I forgot to start it Thursday morning, oops.)  This was a little involved but I'm currently going through a ramen "thing" so for me, it was totally worth the trouble.

Saturday- Fresh pasta with tuna steaks and shrimp with capers (no recipe or pictures to share)

Sunday-  Roasted whole chicken, acorn squash and brussel sprouts


Generally speaking, I kicked ass this week.  Seriously, I'm super proud of the effort and consistency and I know it's going to pay off (as long as I keep at it!).  I did rowing circuit workouts M-Th, Friday was my rest day.  Saturday I did another one and Sunday I skipped the rowing and did a kettlebell workout.  It was challenging but I think I need a heavier weight.  Right now my heaviest kettlebell is 15 lbs but I'm going to get a 25 lb hopefully this week.  


I'm happy to report that I'm still going strong with my morning routine, getting up at 5 am to drink water, read, meditate and journal (some or all depending on the day).  I also did a little meditation painting on Sunday.  Basically, you go into it with no plans or expectations, just go with the flow and see what happens.  This is was happened this time.  NOt my favorite but it was super relaxing and enjoyable in the moment, which is totally the point of it.


What's Next

More of the same!  Like I said, I was so ready and continue to be fully motivated and committed as I roll into week 3!  If you're there now too, feel free to join me and (at the moment) 7 other women who are also committed to staying on track with their health and wellness goals, in my Facebook group, The Tipping Point.  We're there keeping each other accountable, cheering the wins and supporting each other during the rough patches.  I'll be back next week with a full report and more recipe links for you.  

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When the going gets tough: Do it anyway

When the going gets tough: Do it anyway

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