Getting REAL in 2017

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw my post about me “changing my title” from Health Coach to Health and Wellness Strategist.  I’ve been working away at my continuing education credits to keep up my Health Coach Certification with ACE (American Council on Exercise), and I keep coming across all of these people who (are not certified) are calling themselves Health Coaches because they sell supplements and shakes and who knows what else.

I promise you, I will never sell you shakes, supplements, prepackaged meals or any other ingestible products to help you lose weight.  Here’s where I stand with this (just so you know):  If your doctor does blood work and finds that you have certain deficiencies and recommends or prescribes a supplement, by all means, go for it.  If someone who is looking to make a commission off of your hopes for a quick fix to your muffin top, forget it. If you want to buy shakes or meal replacements because they are quick and easy and supposed to be healthy, I get it.  But nothing is healthier than real whole foods.  Throw a bunch of veggies, maybe a little frozen fruit for sweetness and some Greek yogurt for protein in the blender with ice and you’re good to go (and won’t cost you $6 bucks a pop either).   

My number one mission is to help women (especially you busy moms with no extra time for anything) find realistic ways to lose weight and keep it off by providing solutions that can be incorporated into a family lifestyle.  It’s not JUST about you.  You’re modeling behavior around food and fitness for your kids too!  Just because they play 6 sports and dance now, doesn’t mean they will forever.  Seeing their parents being active, taking a much needed time out and making healthy eating part of their norm will serve them well in their futures.  

Don't you worry, I'm making sure to practice what I preach and this morning, I dragged my sorry butt (you have no idea how sore I am since I got back to some serious workouts on Monday!) to the gym for a 5:50 am class.  It was rough, but it got done.  You can check out my Facebook Live video about it on my Facebook page.  

So tell me, what is YOUR first step in getting real with yourself in 2017?

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