Happy New Year!

Hello there! Happy New Year!  I hope you’re getting your 2017 off to a happy and healthy start.  I’m finally getting over a stinky cold that I developed on New Year’s Day (woohoo!).  It happens quite frequently, all of the late nights, fun times, over indulgences and endless todo list from Thanksgiving to the new year is bound to leave me a little depleted and all it takes is (accidentally drinking from my sister’s beer, who already had a cold in the works!) coming in contact with those germs at the right time.  Boom.  Sore throat.

Well that’s pretty much over with and hopefully, like you, I’m ready to make the most of 2017.  I’m ready to keep living a wholly healthy life and I’m hoping you will too!  Now, don’t be scared off by that term, because when I suggest living a wholly healthy life, it absolutely does NOT mean a perfect diet and excessive exercise and no sugar and no cocktails.  We can be healthy and realistic and have fun too (having fun is a pretty important part of a wholly healthy life)!  Here’s how I define a Wholly Healthy Life:

So what do you say?  We can work on eating mostly real (unprocessed) foods, getting a sufficient amount of exercise (150 or more per week) doing something we actually find enjoyable, and let’s get enough rest, drink enough water and surround ourselves with positive peeps (not those drags that bring us down).  You’ll be hitting those weight loss and healthy habits goals in no time!  It doesn’t have to be difficult and I’m here to help you find realistic ways to make it all happen.  So cheers to a New Year!  


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