Mindset Matters: How to Talk Yourself Into Healthy Habits

Talk is not cheap when it comes to tackling your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals!  In fact, your words can cost you a great deal if you don't watch your mouth!  It is becoming so clear to me that one of the most important factors in determining your success at meeting these goals is your Mindset.  There are a few different aspects of mindset that matter but today it's all about the words you use when talking to yourself and others.

How you choose your words (i.e. your thoughts) can really affect your outcomes!  And here's how...

If you're constantly telling yourself (and other people) that you "can't do a burpee" (or squat thrust as we used to call them in school) or you just "can't eat vegetables", because they make you gag, or whatever negative talk you use to justify your lack of healthy behaviors or whatever it is that you are unwilling to do or try, then you certainly will live that outcome.  Notice I said unwilling, not unable.  (watch the video below!)

Maybe you can't physically do an actual burpee at this moment, but you could try (barring any injuries or legitimate physical limitations you may have).  You could attempt to break it down into very doable steps until you can put it all together and do one solid burpee.  And when you can do one, you can work up to 5.  And when you can do 5 you can shoot for 10.  But if you're just like, "Nope, can't do it", well then, I guess you're right (because we'll never really know, will we?).  


What if you changed that wording to "I can't do one NOW, but I will work at it and get to 10". What if you said, "I haven't found any vegetables that I really like but there are a ton that I haven't tried and maybe I need to play around with different ways of preparing them".  This opens up a whole new set of possibilities for yourself.  You can be physically active and fit, you can eat healthy foods and enjoy them.  You just have to want it, be willing to try and talk the talk.

The next time you hear yourself saying to someone, "I can't drink plain water", say "I don't want to drink plain water".  Next time you say to someone "I can't run (or do a burpee or a push up or a plank or whatever)" say "I don't want to try to do that".  It has a whole different feel to it when you put it like that, doesn't it?  Suddenly you have to fess up that you're unwilling and not truly unable.  Suddenly it's a choice you have and you're choosing not to.  Give this some thought, and If you believe there is something to this, start choosing your words carefully and become the healthy, active, energized person that you want to be.  


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