How to stay healthy (mentally and physically!) in the craziest of days!

Holy cow this has been a crazy week in my house!  Jam packed schedules everyday, practices and games for volleyball and basketball (two teams no less) and projects due and work and meetings and conference calls and a birthday party to prepare for hosting on the weekend and how many days until Christmas?  Aye yey yey!  

I don't know about you, but when things get this nuts, I start to loose me marbles a little (see? I'm talking like a pirate now...).  I'll end up with a headache, brain fog, bad case of crabbiness, and/or way over tired with no down time until bedtime.  So to eliminate some of those bad effects, I've made a plan to get through the week, just a wee bit better off.  

Monday and Tuesday I had some pretty quick meals planned (both could have and probably should have been made on Sunday.  I'll keep that in mind next time.).  By Wednesday I had the dueling Crock-Pot's going (both the vintage and the modern versions).  One with Wednesday night's dinner and the other with some prep for Saturday's party.  Tonight we'll have fish and Friday we'll figure out the easiest, least messy thing we can come up with (again, I'll be prepping for the party). 

With meals under control, I had to figure out how to make myself feel a little better by the end of the day. With very little time for a full on workout (or even a decent walk with the dog for that matter), I decided to make myself some mini workouts that I can squeeze in, hopefully twice a day.  Tuesday I did the whole thing while dinner was finishing up in the oven. Yesterday I was able to do a round in the morning, while the kids were getting ready for school (sometimes you have to do an exercise or two, go iron a shirt, come back for the next one, etc.) and another while the rice was cooking for dinner.  I also wrote myself some reminders like "Drink more water" and "Don't forget to pee".  OK, just kidding on that last one, but you know how we get. 

When I feel like I don't even have the time for my mini workout, I incorporate it into something household chores.  No excuses, right? 

Last but not least, I have been working on a little bedtime ritual to ensure a good night's sleep so I can do it all again tomorrow.  After I get ready for bed, I get all cozy and bust out a journal or notebook and do what my wise coach (yes, I have a coach too) calls a Brain Dump. I Write down everything on my mind that might come up at 3:00 am and keep me awake for hours. We've all been there.  This actually works for me (when I take the time to do it- this week I absolutely am). Just write down everything on your mind, no matter how silly it might seem (those things that keep you up in the middle of the night aren't always so monumental are they?  And pretty much always, there is nothing you can do about it at 3:00 am anyways).  I don't want to risk any sleepless nights right now!  Between such a crazy schedule and lots of people coughing and sneezing at work, I'd really be lucky if I kept from getting sick!  

I'm sure every week won't be as crazy as this, but I do plan to keep up the planning ahead, having an accessible workout on hand and journaling myself to sleep...because it can't hurt right?

What tips and tricks keep you sane during the most hectic of times?  I'd love to hear from you!

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