Your Head Is Messing With You!

Your Head Is Messing With You!

If you've been reading this blog lately, you'll definitely notice a bit of a trend in my message, one that points to the importance of mindset when it comes to reaching our health and wellness goals.  I feel so very strongly about the role mindset plays as it relates to your success or lack there of, when it comes to weight loss, creating healthy habits and even self-care practices, that I'm going to stay focused on it for a while longer.  I truly believe it's the missing link to all of those attempts that yielded fleeting, or crappy results.

The way you approach these changes in your head, totally impacts the choices you make when it comes to food,  whether or not you're exercising or your perception of the exercise that you're doing, allowing yourself time for stress relief, decompression and recharging your batteries.

Think about it. 

Think about all the attempts you've made in the past to adopt healthy habits, lose weight, maintain a loss or just take better care of yourself.  The one thing that the diets, the shakes, the workout videos, portion containers etc. leave out is.....(drum roll).......MINDSET!  For reals people.  

If you are running ragged with what I'm referring to as the Mommy Madness, overwhelm and exhaustion from the daily grind, this could not be more critical to your success.  The way you approach your reasons for wanting to change, the way you go about making those changes and the amount of time and energy you give it, are all coming down to your mindset.  Are you coming from a place of love (my body is a temple) or a place of hate (I look disgusting)?  Are you restricting and punishing yourself or choosing what is good for you?  Are you way too busy to do anything for yourself or can that laundry wait another day?  You see where I'm going with this.  

I'm throwing a 4-5 day Mindset Challenge your way and I would love for you to get in on it! Especially if you've had multiple attempts at weight loss, or adopting healthy habits that went by the wayside or if you feel like there is not an ounce of time or gas left in the tank for YOU. The Challenge is taking place in a Facebook Group so you will need to be on Facebook to join this one.  Click  Here to get in on it!  The Challenge begins on 11/14/16 and we're going to take a hard look at your mindset and how it's been holding you back!  I can't stress it enough but I really think if you give this a chance it can make a world of difference! 

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