Fried Brown Rice (for the win)

It's time to add another recipe to your stash!  Today we're talking fried rice, a healthy, homemade version that you will love!  I've been making this one for a while now but only just last night did I finally go through and get some pictures for you.  I kept putting off because there is zero natural light coming in the house after 4:00 pm anymore and I wanted to have some nice looking pictures to accompany this post.  I finally decided that if I waited for natural light, you wouldn't get this recipe until May so, we'll just deal with the marginal (at best) photos!

This fried rice is likely way healthier than any take out and every bit as tasty!  I use brown rice a nice lean pork and a bunch of veg.

I like to make my fried rice with ground pork.  You can grind your own (we use boneless pork chops or tenderloin in the food processor) or buy it that way.  I'm finding that grinding our own is both cheaper and leaner but do what works for you.  Fried rice always works better with rice that's been cooked ahead and refrigerated, it holds it's shape better that way and the great thing about that is you can just cook that rice whenever you have time, it's one less thing you need to do at dinner time!

The "Sauce" that has become a house favorite, is made with rice vinegar, miso paste, sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and fresh ginger.  This, my friends, is some seriously tasty stuff!  Fresh ginger, if you're unfamiliar or just never cooked with it is pretty fantastic.  What you don't use in your fried rice can be used to fight colds (make a "tea" of ginger, garlic and lemon.  My kids LOVE it.  Bah HA HAHAHAHA, yeah right).  

For the veggies, do what you like!  There are no rules to fried rice and stir fries, just suggestions.  We use different veggies every time.  Sometimes I have red cabbage, snow peas, maybe broccoli, maybe zucchini, really what ever you're in the mood for or more realistically, whats lying around in the fridge.  I'll write the recipe using what's in the photos, but just use it as a guide.

I hope you'll give this a try the next time you have a hankering for Chinese takeout.  Let me know in the comments when you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts!




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