Are you a Cookie Monster?

It turns out that Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us once again.  There was a time when I really loved those cookies.  I was (accused of being boring) really into the Trefoils which are short bread cookies and I've always loved the Samoas.  Over the years since my family has made the shift to mostly (I'd say about 90%) Real Food, I've gradually gotten away from them.  During the years that my daughter was a Girl Scout we'd buy a bunch of boxes (she was always desperate to sell at least 100 boxes so she could earn the patch, but more importantly a whole mess of "useful" prizes, i.e. pencil toppers, aluminum water bottles, stickers, etc.).  She's no longer a girl scout but two of our dear friends' daughters are sooo....we have to be supportive (they were some of our best customers!).  As you can see...


We aren't eating too many GS cookies anymore.  I just found these old Thin Mints in the cupboard, leftover from last year.   A couple of months ago I threw away the remainder of the short breads too.  Some people find these darned cookies SO irresistible.


My one friend has said (on more than one occasion) "I could eat a whole sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting".  She's not alone.  I know because I've heard similar statements from many different people!  While I used to be a fan, I've never been one to totally pig out on these things.  I prefer to (now eat homemade cookies) have one or two and savor every bite.  


I have a theory about homemade sweets (and snacks as well) and that is, if you resign yourself to only (or mostly) eating homemade treats, you'll eat a lot less of them (duh)!  How often do you have the time (energy and patience) to bake something when you feel like a cookie?  Chances are not that often.  If you do decide to make some cookies but you can't control yourself and think you'll eat the whole batch while you're waiting for dinner to get out of the oven, I suggest making the batter and freezing the cookies (unbaked) individually.  This way you can just bake one or two when you really want one.  Take the time to savor every bite, like it's the last cookie you'll have for a while (because cookies probably shouldn't be a daily thing, right?).  You'll enjoy that cookie so much more when it's homemade, eaten slowly and given your undivided attention.  

Now I'm not suggesting that when the adorable Girl Scout shows up at your door that you totally blow her off.  Not at all.  I do suggest limiting yourself to something reasonable (like a box or two) and then donate the rest to the food pantry or what ever organization your Girl Scout of choice has selected for donations.  Last year they were sent to the soldiers over seas which is really cool.  So rather than sitting down with a whole sleeve of cookies (a recipe for disaster), have less, enjoy more and hook up those without.




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