Ummm....I think you might be doing it wrong!

You know all those clever little meme's that people (myself included) are always posting and sharing all over Facebook?  Sometimes I see one that I think is totally funny, I may share it or save it or show it my husband if I think he'll crack up.  Sometimes they're offensive or just kind of dumb I just glaze over it.  But this one just sticks with me as something I need to comment on. I saw that a friend posted it and it got shared around a bunch...

Now, being a lover of plain Greek yogurt, big salads and not being hungry, I thought I might just put my two cents in.

Fage is my brand of choice, however, I prefer the full fat version.  For some reason the full fat is not always easy to come by.  Some stores just don't carry it.  Not sure why.

This is what my plain Greek yogurt looks like when I eat it.  A big bunch of fresh or frozen berries or peaches, homemade granola (not too much sugar) and some chia seeds make this a most delicious and satisfying breakfast.  This keeps me full for hours!

Here we have a lovely example of a hearty lunch salad.  Spring mix with tomatoes, carrots, scallions and sunflower seeds.  It only takes a slice of deli ham (maybe two if they're small) and about a tablespoon of crumbly bleu cheese to make this a total winner.  I dress all my salads (for the most part) with a drizzle of olive oil and splash of red wine vinegar (because that is my fave). I also add fresh herbs whenever possible (which is almost always.  When they aren't growing in the yard, they are always on the grocery list).  Fresh herbs are a must have!

Now what have we here?  A couple of slices of grilled steak from the previous night's dinner, avocado, scallion, cucumber, sunflower seeds and a couple ounces of sharp cheddar cubed on a bed of mixed greens.  I believe we have a little parsley in the mix here too.  Talk about getting stuffed!  Holy cow this was filling.

OK, just one more....Turkey, avocado, tomato, cilantro and sliced almonds (looks like my fridge was running a little thin that day...) on a bed of mixed greens.  This is just the right thing to satisfy the hunger but not make you over full.  So now you see where I'm coming from with that silly meme aimed to make people think that if you're trying to eat healthy you must be starving. I say, if that's how you must be doing it wrong.  

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