Summer is here- Faux sure!

Summer is here- Faux sure!

The summer season has officially begun!  Yay!  I can't even express how ready I was this year. I'm sure most of you can relate, it was a rough winter (almost) everywhere (disregard this statement if you're one of my family or friends in Oregon).  I am feeling so grateful for warm temps and sunshine, getting to get out and walk without layers of clothes and ideal grilling conditions.  We went to our first cook-out of summer yesterday with our good friends from our Supper Club. Let the games begin!  

As we started heading towards spring this year I was finishing up a 12 week Fit for 15 challenge with a great group of women.  We were chatting and dreaming of warm weather to come and discussing some of the benefits and challenges of the change of seasons as related to continuing on with their weight loss goals.  I of course, was all about the positive at that point- "You can get out and exercise, swim, and bike.  There are plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, grilling and fantastic salads..." That's when one of them piped up and said "Ugh, mayonnaise season is tough!" Huh?  Mayo has a season, what?  She was right, all of these mayonnaise laden salads can really weigh you down!  I hadn't really thought about it before.  Personally I've never loved the mayo version of macaroni salad (my mom makes it with canned tuna, people love it but I can't deal) and for me a little potato salad goes a long way.  Either way, I got the picture and I searched around for a decent recipe to share with them so they would have an alternative.  Armed with the right recipes you're able to avoid these situations- always offer to bring a salad!  The recipe I found was a Cauliflower "Potato" Salad from Healthy Recipes.  I tried it out yesterday and was very pleased with the way it came out.  I think it's a perfectly good substitute for potato salad so I thought I'd better pass it on!

Every good faux potato salad starts with a head of cauliflower.  Chop it into bite sized pieces and steam in the microwave for 6-7 minutes or until tender.  

Celery adds a nice little crunch.  Chop your veggies while the cauliflower is cooking.

I love dill pickles in a "mayo" salad.  Can you believe that this was the only brand at the store that did not contain yellow and blue food dye?  This drives me nuts.  Turns out you need to read those labels even when you'd think you wouldn't need to.  Adding dyes to pickles is so unnecessary.  I just don't get it.

A little red onion is always a good addition.

The recipe calls for 4 hard boiled eggs.  I might use 5 next time.  I am going through an egg phase after all.

Chop the eggs to your liking.

When the cauliflower is cooked, place it in a colander to cool off.  Then then transfer it to a large bowl. 

Mix all of the chopped veg together in a bowl and then move on to the dressing.

The dressing, contains no mayo!  The recipe calls for 1 cup of sour cream (I was a little short so I used about half sour cream and half Greek yogurt.  I think either or is fine, whatever you have on hand.  It also has some mustard (yellow, but I used Dijon), garlic, salt and pepper.  Simple and tasty.  I was happy with the dressing right away, didn't need any adjusting.

Lastly stir in the dressing and fold in the eggs and Wah-Lah! A fantastic substitute, a low carb nutritious real food salad to take to your next cookout.  Click here for the full recipe and remember, a pot luck is a great thing, you always have some control over your food options.

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Put an egg on it!