The Struggle is Real!

How many times have you started a new diet or bought a new program with workouts and meal plans or said "Starting tomorrow I'm going to be good and lose 20 pounds" only to have it derailed in a week or two or maybe less?  

If you're thinking about starting a weight loss program, going to turn over a new leaf or what ever you like to call it, there are two very important pieces to this puzzle (and weight loss certainly can feel like a bit of a puzzle) that often get overlooked.  I'm talking about your Mental Game and Support systems.  Not giving these two things any consideration, can make or break your success.  

Jumping into anything (especially lifestyle change) without preparing in some way is likely not to last.  You really need to have a good mental game for lasting change, it's far to easy to slip into our old habits again.  If you have not given any thought to how you will handle those curve balls that life will inevitably throw your way (you have to stay late for work, you caught a cold, your kid caught a cold, your car is in the shop, your friend needs a ride, your dentist appointment got rescheduled, etc.) how will you stay on track?  Will you lose momentum and the whole thing goes to pot?  Will you throw your hands up after a week and forget the whole thing and try again in a month or two?  If you plan ahead for these things,  you will get through it like the superstar that you are!  

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Having a support system is just as important as having a good mental game.  Do you have friends who are going to harass you until you come out with them for drinks and heavy appetizers?  Is your husband going bring home your favorite pizza and wings (that he know's you can't resist) for Sunday football?  Is your mom going to send the kids home from Nana's with a bag of M&M's and your favorite homemade chocolate ship cookies?

The answer is yes.  Unless you talk to the people you are closest to about your goals for weight loss and lifestyle change, they will continue doing what they do.  It's okay to ask them for some consideration and support of what you're trying to accomplish.

Better yet, ask them if they'd like to join you!  You may or may not get any takers but you might be surprised!  Plan a healthy outing together like signing up for a 5k walk or run.  

If you're like us, most of your gatherings revolve around a meal.  A cookout, a brunch, a potluck dinner.  Ask your friends or family to bring a healthy dish to pass.  There is no shortage of recipes out there for foods that are both healthy and delicious.  They may or may not jump on your invite to join you, but if they can respect your choice to make a change and be healthy and be supportive, that's what really matters.  You want to be with people who will help not hinder your success.  10 years ago I never would have imagined that my group of peeps would be running races together, cheering each other on, or sharing healthy meals.  Luckily most of us have recognized how important it is, maybe you will be the catalyst for your group.  So get on the horn (or text...) and rally the troops!

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