My name is Amy Anderson,

 I am a REAL mom,

just like you.

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I'm helping busy moms and their families live a wholly healthy life using one simple concept:



I know, I know- Sounds simple but easier said than done right?  Not so fast!

As a Health & Wellness Strategist, I know that healthy living does NOT have to be complicated, time consuming or require purchasing expensive products every month.  I believe that every family is different and there is no one diet, meal plan or program that will meet the needs of each unique mom and her family.    

Except for this one.

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The Get Real Family Project makes healthier eating less complicated, desirable habits easier to adopt, exercise more accessible and all in a REALISTIC, DOABLE and believe it or not, FUN way!  Are you ready to become a get REAL Mom?


I'm here to help busy moms who need to lose some weight, take better care of themselves and find REALISTIC ways to adopt healthy lifestyle habits into their exhausting schedules in ways that benefit the entire family.

check out this new program!

Ready to start your journey?  Get the whole family on board with the Get Real Family Project!  Enrollment is open!  For questions about this amazing program, reach out, let's chat!  Let's see if you're ready to rock this.

If you'd like to join me and other busy moms for health and wellness tips, tidbits and recipes geared to your hectic day to day life, join my private Facebook Group, Mom's Who Need A Minute!